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HOPE at the COP23

Before coming back to the european main institutions, we took the opportunity to share some aspects of the HOPE project at the COP23 in Bonn. Sadly, there are so many challenges to be addressed at every scale when it comes to climate change and low carbon lifestyle is only one of them. But we wanted to highlight the fact that individuals have their choices to be better understood for the future policies.

Alina, from our team, was invited to present the project to the COP23 attendants in the european pavillon, in a side event of the JPI Climate. You can see the video here below.

More details here :

Whatever happened in each country?

We recently realise that our english part of the website was not so well documented with recent activity as most of the events were nationally organised. So here, you will find a quick summary of what happened in each local group over the last times.

HOPE in the french local press

Aix-en-Provence (France) : participants have been invited to a special event to speak about HOPE results, and about how to concretely implement low carbon actions in their future daily life, with some present stakeholders. An initiative related in the local press and an opportunity to offer a nice e-bike to one of the survey participants.

A new french electric cyclist thanks to HOPE








Bergen (Norway) : HOPE continues to live in Norway. A very well done video documentary by Sigbjørn Holte focused on the considerations about the carbon footprint seen from the eyes of the norwegian youth, using some inputs from HOPE. And the survey protocol is still used for the development of a climate change master class. Click on the image below and hear some recordings (in english) when young students do use the tool during a mountain trip in Sogndal.

Click to hear some thoughts about carbon footprint and societal transformations in Norway.

Mannheim (Germany) : a final event for the participant took place at the Monnem Bike Festival in june. The aim was to talk about car alternatives for the mobility. And as the HOPE local team took the opportunity to present the survey results, they also granted a participant with a voucher for the purchase of an e-bike!

Das Bild zeigt Tina Götsch, die Leiterin der Klimaagentur Mannheim, mit der Gewinnerin des E-Bikegutscheins der unter allen Teilnehmerinnen der HOPE-Studie verlost wurde. Quelle: Amtsblatt Stadt Mannheim

And the winner is…

Umeå (Sweden) : swedish stakeholders seem to be very interested by HOPE. A lot of media dedicated some time to understand the HOPE survey and what kind of results are expected. If you understand swedish, you should take the chance to read this article and look at the short video report by SVT about a household participating in HOPE.


Click to see the video report and read the swedish article.

First publication about the survey protocol

The first official HOPE publication has been released. An article describing the specific study protocol used in the HOPE survey and the role of health criteria may be found here.

New publications should follow in the next months.

Sogndal, last workshop meeting in june 2017

What does look like a team after 3 years of scientific research?

More or less the same than it was at the beginning, with some more wrinkles due to the wisdom and the joy of reaching the results.

The last workshop was in the magnificent fjords of Sogndal, Norway, and the team focused on the analysis of the numerous data generated by the HOPE protocol and the publications to come during the next months.

The team on the field.


Think tank about HOPE results on a norwegian summit.

Survey almost completed

We have almost completed our surveys in all countries. We would like to thank everyone who participated for their time and hope that the project offered you new insights into your everyday lives.

The initial survey results are promising and we will discuss them with our Policy Advisory Boards (PAB) in the coming months. We will also try to relate our findings to the local political situation. In early 2017, we will begin publishing our findings.


Thanks to everyone

Marseille workshop – Norway, Germany, Sweden and France meet In Aix Marseille University, Vieille Charité !

October 5-7, 2016

CIRED, Paris / Public Health Institute, Heidelberg / UMEA – Department for Public Health and Clinical Medicine / VESTLANDFORSKING, Sogndal / Tec Conseil, Marseille, gathered on the Norbert Elias Center premises, at La Vielle Charité

marseillehope_oct2916-3The fourth workshop involving project leaders took place from October the 5th to October the 7th, 2016, at La Vielle Charité, in the charming neighbourhood of Le Panier, Marseille, at the Norbert Elias Center, graciously lent by the Aix-Marseille University.

The first results of the conducted surveys have been here presented. The current step of making physical surveys will come to an end around mid November.

It also allows to project to the following of the survey, including publication. It was defined strategies of qualitative and quantitative results analysis and research questions used to frame the final report.

And the next step of the survey, qualitative interviews, was launched by a constructive preliminary meeting, at which the mains contours were defined.

Visit Aix-En-Provence

Before the workshop, all partners were invited to visit the city of Aix-en-Provence. The visit was conducted by Sebastien Bruyère, from TEC Conseil and native from Aix-en-Provence.

In the program: a tour of the most famous place in Aix-En-Provence (the City Hall, the Sainte-Sauveur Cathedral, La Rotonde, Le cours Mirabeau), tasting of the famous Calissons d’Aix, meeting with the PAB at Café des Deux Garçons, with its typical decorations of the early 19th century, and dinner in a typical french restaurant.


Present at the meeting:

For CIRED: Carine Barbier, Dorian Litvine, Franck Nadaud

For Heidelberg: Prof. Dr. Rainer Sauerborn, Dorothee Amelung, Florian Dorner, Helen Fischer, Valérie Louis, Alina Vandenbergh Hermann

For Umea: Maria Nilsson, Camilla Andersson, Bore Sköld

For VESTLANDFORSKING: Carlo Aall, Marta Baltruszewicz, Karen Richardsen Moberg

For TEC Conseil : Ghislain Dubois, Sébastien Bruyère, Jean-Paul Céron, Jérémy Fischer

Workshop on survey tools in Marseille

Apr. 1-2, 2015 in Marseille


(in progress)

Kickoff meeeting

Feb. 12-14, 2015 in Heidelberg, Germany